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This kit now comes with a Water Incubator 
and a Temp. Controlled Growing Chamber!

Here it is...the MSC. 
Deluxe Mini Grow Kit!  
$149.95 + S/H
(Spore syringe NOT included)


Comes fully complete for growing the very day your receive it!  

I have been told that the average yield is approximately 12 oz (wet weight).

This, of course, depends on the species of mushrooms you are growing.


This kit would not be complete without instructions!  So what I have decided to do is to post an ON-LINE directional file which you will download and burn to your own CD-Rom!  

You will receive directions via e-mail describing how to download the kit directions. So if you did not use your correct e-mail address when you ordered your kit via website/credit card then you are NOT going to get directions.

Remember this... if you did not receive a receipt via e-mail regarding your purchase then there is no way that I got the correct e-mail in order to send you your directions to your new kit.

If you are ordering via Snail Mail then please include your email address. 

If no email address is with your order when it is received then we will ship a CD-Rom with your kit.


Temperature Controlled Growing Chamber w/synthetic air filter for 99.99% contaminated free air exchange.


Water Incubator (utilized with the Growing Chamber)
Create a PERFECT temperature environment for your mushrooms! 




1 Isopropyl Alcohol 91% (16 FL OZ)


1 Pound of humidity releasing Perlite.

12 Insert Jars! 



Purchase your Spore Syringe or Culture of your favorite strain separately from the Kit.   


This kit also includes 1 Doz. Insert Jars.
If you purchase a syringe from us or a 3rd party please make sure it is at least a 12cc syringe.
(One 12cc syringe = 12 Insert jars)

If you would like an extra set of Insert Jars this would be a good time to ADD ON to save $ on shipping.

Comes with 1 Doz Insert Jars