Grow Mushrooms
Privacy of your own home!




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 Grow your own MORELS...
Indoors and outdoors!

Finally a way to grow delicious Morels outside in backyard patches or on the countertop of your kitchen!


We have designed a CD-ROM teaching step-by-step procedures in building a functional Glove Box (gives you a contaminated-free area to produce morel mycelium) with materials from your local Radio Shack and Wal-Mart!



Create homemade substrate, which is the food of the MORELS!




Creating an outdoor Morel Patch of your very own!  
Thank about will never have to search for Morels again!



Each CD-ROM will include a FREE
to get you started!  
(Actual Morel mushroom cloned in picture below)

Just place the culture in your refrigerator
until you are ready to use it!

A fully illustrated CD-ROM ...
Growing Morel Mushrooms the Poor Boys Way!
Best of all you can do this inside your own home!