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The Pearl Oyster Culture for FREE!
Get started growing your own tropical mushrooms right away!
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    Here it is, a CD-ROM explaining the best and least expensive ways of producing beautiful and delicious mushrooms! 


    Learn how to build your own inexpensive Glove Box creating a sterilized area for mushroom processing.  Build an Incubator that will keep your inoculated grain at the correct temperature for optimal growth!  


    Enjoy watching mushrooms grow inside a grow chamber placed in your closet or on top of the refrigerator.   Most all of the parts can easily be picked up at your local hardware store!  


     Enjoy reading and following the step by step procedures with clear digital color photo's.  These clear photo's will guide you into making mushroom spore prints and growing them out of a plastic grocery produce bag!  


     In the 'GROWING GOURMET MUSHROOMS'...the poor boys way on a CD-ROM you will learn the least expensive ways of growing mushrooms out of plastic storage tubs and a computer fan from RADIO SHACK!



Building a Poor Boys Glove Box for the processing of mushrooms.  




Free Gourmet Mycelium with purchase!  


Growing the spores/mycelium on cheap birdseed or rye grain!  



Time to prepare your grow chamber.
Just a simple plastic container, heating pad and a bag of Perlite.


Each procedure is brought to life with clear, digital photos!


The secret to mass producing mushrooms via liquid inoculation.

How to produce hundreds of mushrooms in just a few weeks!


Drying mushrooms in a $10 homemade drying chamber.


Processing and sterilizing instruments using a small Wal-Mart pressure cooker!  


Learn to CLONE your best tasting and fastest growing mushrooms! 


Starting from a single spore create HUGE flushes of mushrooms in weeks! 

A fully illustrated CD-ROM ...
Growing Gourmet Mushrooms the Poor Boys Way!
Best of all you can do this inside your own home!

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