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     Here it is, a CD-ROM explaining the best and least expensive ways of producing mushrooms! You will learn how to build your own Glove Box (a sterilized area for Shroom processing), Incubator (keeps your grain at the correct temperature for optimal growth ), and a Grow Chamber...all for less than $85 complete!  These set-ups can be very simple and hidden away in the back of a closet.  

      This is a step by step instructional CD-rom with many clear digital photographs that will guide you one step at a time.  In the, 'Shroom Growers Guide on CD-ROM' you will learn the poorest of poor ways to grow mushrooms with little effort on your part.

Building a "Pore Boys" Glove Box for the processing of mushrooms.  

This is a photo of my glove box described in, "Shroom Growers Guide on CD-ROM".

We supply the supply the materials.




Growing out the spores on cheap birdseed!  Beginning stages of mushrooms!



Time to prepare your "Grow Chamber".

Auto-Incubator (Hands free unit).

Each procedure is brought to life with clear digital photos like the ones you see here.  


The secret to mass producing mushrooms via liquid inoculation.
+ How to produce hundreds of mushrooms in just a few weeks!


Processing and sterilizing instruments using a pressure cooker!

Building a drying chamber that will allow the mushrooms to keep their maximum potency!

Learn to CLONE your best and prize winning mushrooms! 

"Shroom Growers Guide" will explain the techniques of "rotation".  This technique shows how growers can produce a new "batch" every week!  

Fruiting Mushrooms!

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